How to Get SAP HotNews

Founded in 1999, SAP HotNews (formerly known as Revista presei) is a popular news and information site. With over four million monthly visitors, HotNews is run by a team of experienced journalists who work to bring you the latest news on the industry. The site offers content in several formats, including text, audio and video, and is also partnered with Deutsche Welle, the BBC and TVR2. The HotNews feature allows you to filter the news by category, application and support package.


SAP HotNews can also be filtered by application, software component, support package, and other filters. Before implementing the service, you should consult the Note for the HotNews feature. It contains important information on prerequisites, interdependencies, and post-implementation steps. If you don’t use the Note Assistant, it will not recognize these post-implementation steps, and will only show you the news that’s relevant to your team.

Although the SAP One Support Launchpad application is not user-friendly, it displays all of the latest news related to your SAP products. There is no filtering, but it’s an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest news. With its easy-to-use interface, you can keep up with the latest SAP news in the most convenient manner. You can sign up for the newsletter as well as receive the news in your email box. So, you’ll always be informed of updates to your system and software.

Another useful tool is SAP HotNews, which is accessible through the SAP Solution Manager. While this is an excellent resource, it does have a few flaws. It lacks comprehensiveness and clumsy filtering. It also doesn’t always display the latest changes to SAP systems. You’ll need to check it often to stay informed. This website also lets you subscribe to the hotnews so you can be sure it’s current.

If you’re looking for a centralized location where you can read SAP hotNews and other important updates, you’ll find that the SAP One Support Launchpad provides this service. This application also allows you to customize the newsletter to receive only the news about your specific SAP products. You can opt to receive the newsletter through email, but if you want to subscribe to the full list of news, the newsletter is a great resource. You can also subscribe to SAP’s free e-newsletter.

While SAP’s HotNews service is a free online news service, it does have some limitations. Its content is often too general to be of interest to many people. Users can’t search for specific news that interests them, but they can get updates on important SAP products and how to use them. The SAPOne Support Launchpad is a great resource for keeping up with the latest news. The latest news is posted on SAP’s website every day, so you can subscribe to it and not miss a single piece of information.